a premier American built digital organ with three model series: INFINITY the ultimate in features and sounds with 2, 3, or 4 manuals ARTIST a wide selection of features and sounds on 2 or 3 manuals INSPIRE pipe and orchestral voices on an organ for smaller spaces.

Go to www.rodgersinstruments.com for detailed specifications


a digital organ built in the rich authentic European organ tradition with a wide range of models from compact home organs to 5 manual organs for concert halls or large churches.

Go to www.johannusorgans.com for detailed specifications.

   high quality digital organs built in Great Britain for many years. Console designs and stoplists follow traditional English styles. Totally custom built English style organs are also offered. Go to www.copemanhart.com and www.makinorgans.com for further details.


PIPE – DIGITAL COMBINATION ORGANS If you have existing pipe organ ranks you would like to utilize in your new organ, Chad Perry and Associates can interface these existing pipes with our new digital Rodgers or Johannus organs. You may also purchase new pipe ranks from us to be added as well. The result will be a pipe-digital combination organ blending the past with state-of-art digital pipe organ sampling.


 Saint Mary's Anglican Church Amityville, NY